Aligarh Cab Services

Aligarh is a hub of Education and small scale industry of Locks and other brass hardware and sculpture. City is among the most famous cities of Uttar Pradesh.Aligarh Muslim University accommodates thousands of every year who comes for higher studies in the city. Aligarh is famous for its super quality locks in all over the world hence it is called ‘TalaNagri’,which is just at handshaking distance from Delhi. This is the city of culture, tradition, Literature, Peace and Harmony. The heart-beat of the city is its “Ganga Jamunitajzeeb” where day starts with Azaan and ends with Arti. The city has seen various ruling dynasties of history of India. Before the invasion of Muslims, the city was ruled by Hindu King, then almost for all Muslim rulers Aligarh remained an important place, later Maratha’s  took it over and Maratha’s rule was washed away by famous Anglo-Maratha War. So various cultures of different traditions and religions got mixture and a unique Aligarh was established.As a tourist, your visit to know the real Uttar Pradesh can never get completed without having a trip to Aligarh. Cabs in Aligarh are no big task to find to make the trip a comfortable one.

For an excursionist, Aligarh is a must visit place. Aligarh gives you a first-hand experience of cultural and traditional treasure of Uttar Pradesh. As Aligarh has hosted various royal figures, it blessed the city with fort culture. Its Aligarh Fort is an eyewitness of all the historic incidents related to the state.  Aligarh is a multi-cultural state which awakes with the sound of Azaan at Jama Masjid, and its day ends with the chanting sound of temple Arti. Temple culture is spread widely in Aligarh as temples like Khedeshwar Temple, TeerthdhamMandalayatanMandir, Varshney Temple give you a reason to have a visit to the city. On the other hand Sir Syed Masjid and Baba BarchiBahadurDargah signify its religious and cultural embodiment. If you are in Aligarh, ShekhaJheel and Clock Tower are must visit tourist destinations of Aligarh. State has given priority to Aligarh even in its sports culture as it is among very few cities of India which has Astro Turf Hockey Stadium and world class Golf Course. So next holidays, plan a visit to the city, and cab service in Aligarh is easily available to get you through the tourist destinations.

 If you are planning for Aligarh in January and February, be a part of Annual Cultural Exhibition “Numaish” which features various artists of India and it continues for 28 days.Next you can hire taxi service in Aligarh to explore the historical monuments, the natural beauty, recreational areas and traditional markets of Aligarh. For foodies, it is nothing less than paradise. For Art and Literature seekers, this is the place you are looking for. Peaceful evenings can be spent at AchalTaal and DharnidharSarovar.

·        ShekhaJheel

·        Clock Tower

·        Aligarh Fort

·        AchalTaal

·        DharnidharSarovar

·        Jama Masjid

·        Khereshwar Temple

·        Varshney Temple

·        TeerthdhamMangalayatanMandir

·        Sir Syde Masjid

·        Aligarh Muslim University

·        Maulana Azad Library

·        Astro turf Hockey Stadium

·        Golf Course