Amritsar Cab Services

Amritsar is one of the most famous cities of Punjab and we all know it for its Golden Temple, one of the most visited places by visitors of India. Amritsar keeps an important place in ancient and modern history of India. The city is believed as the home of HrishiValmiki, who wrote the great epic Ramayan. During freedom movement, this was the city where Jaliyanwala Bagh massacre happened. This city has served as one of the centers for Freedom Fighters. The great Golden Temple does not require an introduction at all. Besides tourism, city is also known for its big and small industries, educations institutions and politics. City has purest of colorful Punjabi culture, cuisine and creatives. Even city is not very far from Pakistan’s city Lahor, so here is also a chance to experience a visit of Wagha Border as well. City is well planned and developed. City has wide range of Hotel for visitors stay and city has various services of Car Rental in Amritsar. 

 City has a very old and royal history hence you will find a lot of tourism attractions in Amritsar. The place which brings maximum number of tourists in Amritsar is its Golden Temple. Besides this, city has witnessed a lot of events during freedom movement and has developed various monuments to preserve the glory and pay tribute for its contribution to make our country a democratic one. Jaliyanwala Bagh is also one such monument which was built in remembrance of those thousands of Freedom Fighters who were massacred in the most disgraceful and cowardice act of British Government. There few very well established gardens like Ram Bagh Garden where you should certainly go when you are on a trip to Amritsar. City’s royal legacy has provided it Royal Forts like Gobingadh Fort. Clock Tower is another tourist attraction which will be certainly looking forward for your first visit however coming back without visiting Wagha border is definitely not a smart decision. So do pay a visit to border near villages. To travel within the city to take you to all these places cab booking in Amritsar is not at all a tough job to do; it’s available at one click. 

In Amritsar you don’t need to think much about how to spend your holiday period. You can rent a car in Amritsar and enjoy the road trip towards border. Golden temple is definitely going to be the place of top priority. Try to get time and server at Lungers in the temple. Do not forget to try its delicious cuisine; markets are open for your wonderful shopping time. Pay homage to the martyrs of Jaliyanwala Bagh and you will never regret your decision to spend your holiday in Amritsar. So quickly take a car on rent in Amritsar and be its guest.

·        Golden Temple

·        Jaliyanwala Bagh

·        Ram Bagh Gardens

·        Clock Tower

·        Durgiana Temple

·        Holy Water

·        Akal Takhat Sahib Gurudwara

·        Gobindgarh Fort

·        Jaliyanwala Bagh

·        Deorahi

·        Wagha Border

·        Ajnala

·        Attari

·        Majitha

·        Rayya

·        BudhaTheh

·        Rajasansi