Aurangabad Cab Services

Aurangabad is one of the most visited tourist destination of Maharashtra which belongs to the Marathwada Region. Aurangabad is among one of the cities of India which are established as a re-establishment plan of some Mughal Emperor along with Agra, Delhi and many other. Aurangabad not only keeps the historical importance but also known for its industrial growth. City is the tourism capital of Maharashtra. Aurangabad is named after Aurangzeb who was the ruler of the region when he made this city his capital. City is also known for its historical gates built during Mughal Era. City is also known for Silk and Cotton textile industries. To Reach Aurangabad, you can catch bus or train and to travel within the city, Aurangabad car rental services are available at one click.

 As Aurangabad is the tourism capital of Maharashtra, it has a lot to offer for tourists. Due to its royal legacy it has many forts, historical monuments, temples and many more. The most famous among it visitors are the caves of Ajanta and Elora. These caves represent an authenticated history of various dynasties of 5th to 10th Century.  These epitomes of Indian Rock cut architecture are the rarest and finest example of the excellent Indian Art and painting.Both are entitled as Unesco World Heritage Sites. At the 500 meters distance of Elora caves, there is GhrishneshwarJyotirlinga, one of among 12 famous Jyotirlingas of India. The nearby Daulatabad is also worth visiting place for history and architecture lovers. There are also 52 gateways in Aurangabad which gives the city an identity as “City of Gates”. Aurangabad also has Panchakki, Salim Ali Lake and Bird Sanctuary which ads beauty to Aurangabad’s tourism. Have you ever visited TajMahal? If no and you can’t travel to Agra, here is an option for you available in Aurangabad itself. Not TajMahal but replica of Taj is available named as “BibikaMaqbara”. To make a comfortable visit to all these places car rental service in Aurangabad will be available at your Hotel door.

Aurangabad is the place which gets you introduced with the great architectural excellence of our ancestors. Here you will get to see not only Mughal Architecture but also the finest surviving example of pure single rock cut structure. Use cab booking service in Aurangabad and starts driving towards world famous ShirdiSaiMandir and ShaniSignapur which are within the range of 100 Kilometers to Aurangabad city. You can also visit to its lakes and Dam. This is a well-developed city which still carries the glimpse of royal history within itself. So plan a visit, take car rental in Aurangabad and get yourself know about the historical India.

·        Lonar Crater Lake

·        Pitalkhora Caves

·        DnyneshwarUdyan

·        Jayakwadi Dam

·        Ghrishneshwar Temple

·        Daulatabad Fort

·        MarutiMandir

·        Ajanta Caves

·        Elora Caves

·        BibiKaMaqbara

·        Panchakki


·        Daulatabad

·        Khuldabad

·        Shahganj

·        SunehariMahal

·        Gautala

·        Kaghzipura

·        Mhaismal