Bhiwandi Cab Services

Bhiwandi is a city near Mumbai which is known for its Power Loom industry. Bhiwandi has India’s biggest textile industry and definitely a worth visiting tourist destination. The proximity of Bhiwandi with Mumbai is same as Kurla, Kalyan and Thane etc. Bhiwandi’s textile industry has employed people from all over India. Bhiwandi can be one of the best examples of term ‘Glocal’, its global yet local. The purest cultural flavor of Koli Tribe is specialty of this city. The communication means like railway and various road vehicles connect Bhiwandi with Mumbai and other parts of India. For local travelling cabs in Bhiwandi is easily available.

Bhiwandi is a religious place and yet developing as a modern city. Its tourism has got the same diversity like many other cities of India. If you are on a visit to Bhiwandi, do visit to its village ChokhiDhaniwhich reflects the Rajasthani Culture where you will get a lot to entertain you. Shangrila Waterpark is another destination which offers splash of joyful rides in water. Here you can plan your amazing picnic. Mumbai is also not very far so you can even easily book a cab and this road trip towards Mumbai can make your holiday even amazing. Bhiwandi is part of Thane and Thane owns few of the most beautiful tourism spots of India which includes lakes like Upvan and Tansa, Forts like Bessein, Gorakhgad, Mohuli and Kohoj Hill Fort etc. So these holidays, definitely plan for Bhiwandi visit, get you introduced with its culture, industries and amazing old fort and temple architecture. 

Bhiwandi calls you to have a visit to its textile industries. You should also spend at least a day in its typical traditional villages and get through its unique tribe culture. For road trips, NH3 Express way is open to give an amazing experience of long drives. Bhiwandi is also a great picnic spot where you can spend your holidays. Here you can try trekking on hills and boating in its lakes. Forts get you to see the amazing examples of old fort architecture. Near Thane there is a Butterfly park which can make your evenings in Bhiwandi, way too beautiful. 

Upvan Lake

·        Korum Mall

·        Titwala Ganesh Mandir

·        Bassein Fort

·        Mahuli Fort

·        Gorakhgad Fort

·        Kohoj Hill Fort

·        Butterfly Park

·        Tansa Lake