Bhubaneswar Cab Services


Bhubaneswar is the capital of Indian state Odisha which carries the royal legacy of Kalinga Empire with it. It is one of the oldest cities of India which was ruled by various dynasties like Mauryan, Saatvahan, Guptas, Marathas etc. However modern Bhubaneswar was established along with few other planned cities of India in 1948 after which it replaced Cuttack as the capital of Odisha. Bhubaneswar is also known as Temple city of India which is now properly developed to make it an industrial and educational hub of India and it is one of the best cities to go for technical and medical studies. Government even seems very serious about its development as Information Technology hub of India. For tourists, this city has a lot to offer as it is called the temple city of India, you can get to see various famous Hindu temples which were built during 8th to 12thcentury. It is also the best place to find the finest examples of Kalingan architecture. To make your stay and travel comfortable enough hotels and cab service in Bhubaneswar are easily available to serve you.

Places to Visit: 

Title of ‘Temple city of India’ suits perfectly to Bhubaneswar as city has somewhere around one thousand temples. So when you visit Bhubaneswar, do plan to visit its most famous temples which are the example of best Kalingan temple architecture. Temples like Lingraj Temple, Mukteshvara Temple, Rajarani Temple, AnantaVasudev Temple must be in your trip list. Bhubaneswar is also an important place for archeological researches performed in India as city has a glorious presence in the oldest historical literature of the country. Certainly plan to visit to its places of archeological importance like Udaygiri and Khandagiri Caves. As per beliefs and assumptions of archeological surveys these were built in 2nd century BCE. Besides this you also have the place where the famous war of Kalinga took place. The same Dhaula Hill is located at the bank of Daya River. Other remarkable tourist places are Nandankanan Zoological Park and Odisha State Museum. Considering the number of temples and historical places you should atleast stay in Bhubaneswar for 2-3 days to cover only few of it. However you can always use Bhubaneswar car rental services to travel within the city.

Things to Do: 

Bhubaneswar is perfect place to get your introduced yourself with the historic culture of India. Visit its temples, forts, stupas, caves and other historical monuments which all represent the unique architecture of its time. City is also an educational hub so you can even plan to carry forward your studies in this city. Try delicious cuisine of Bhubaneswar like ChhenaGaja whenever you are on a trip to the city. The famous dance form Odissi is the specialty of this city, so if you get a chance don’t miss to experience it. Take cab service in Bhubaneswar and enjoy the refreshing holiday trip in the capital of Odisha.

Popular places to visit:

·        Parasurameswara Temple

·        Mukteswar Temple

·        Lingaraja Temple

·        Udayagiri Caves

·        Khandagiri Caves

·        Dhauli Hill

·        Brahmeshwara Temple

·        Nandankanan Zoological park


Popular Destinations:

·        Dhauli

·        Khordha

·        Shaheed Nagar

·        Satya Nagar

·        Kharagpur