Chandigarh Cab Services


One of the seven Union territories of Democratic India, Chandigarh which serves as capital of two states at the same time which are Punjab and Haryana is located at the foothills of Shivalik Hill Range. However, being a Union Territory, the city is governed directly by the center government of India. Chandigarh owns the legacy of being the very first planned city of Independent India, known in the world for its well-designed architecture. Not just this but its history shakes hand with the most ancient Harappan civilization. The city was considered as the 2nd cleanest city of India under recent Swachchha Bharat Sarvekshan. City is very well connected through all means of transportation with both states Haryana and Punjab. It is enough digitalized to get a hired cab for you online to travel within the city.

Places to visit: 

Considering the location of Chandigarh which is the foot hills for Shivalik Hill Range, no one will have a doubt about the scenic exquisite the city carries. Hence it will always give you one or the other reasons to pay a visit in the city. Chandigarh’s gardens showcase the real beauty of the city which includes Rose Garden, Rock Garden etc. Sukhna Lake is another tourist spot to try sailing at whenever you are in Chandigarh. Leisure Valley will never disappoint your visit as every inch of it welcomes you with all its Theme Parks, Botanical Gardens and Green belts etc. City also felicitates you with an adventurous visit to its both of the wild life sanctuary i.e. Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary and Parrot Bird Sanctuary. And if you hire a cab, you can even cover few parts of Haryana or Punjab. And yes, Chandigarh is also the host of one UNESCO’s world heritage site known as Capitol Complex. Don’t forget to ask to put break to your hired cab driver on this location.

Things to do:

Chandigarh being a well-planned city and tourist destination offers you a lot to do during your holiday trip. Chandigarh’s markets are very famous so shopping should certainly be in your “to do list”. As the history of city is connected with Harappan civilization, its museums get you introduced with the evolvement of a civilization. If you understand the architectural excellence, the city itself is famous is world for its architecture and urban design. You can also take a cab to have a road trip on long highways of Chandigarh. Sailing at Sukhna Lake and visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary can never go out of your list, so don’t forget to spend peaceful evening at these amazing spots.To make your journey within the city a super relaxing, the online cabs on rent are easily available.


Popular places to visit:

·        Chandi Mandir

·        Sukhna Lake

·        Rock Garden

·        Rose Garden

·        Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

·        Parrot Bird Sanctuary

·        Government Museum and Art Gallery

·        Japanese Garden

·        Garden Of Palms

·        Pinjore Garden

·        Morni Hills


Popular Destinations:

·        Nada Sahib

·        Kasauli

·        Chhatbir Zoo

·        Panchkula

·        Mohali

·        Zirakpur

·        Leisure Valley

·        Chandigarh Gold Club