Faridabad Cab Services


When we talk about the development of our National Capital, it can never be completed without it’s National Capital regions that includes Gudgaon, Noida and Faridabad. However Gudgaon and Faridabad are cities of Hariyana State and Noida belongs to Uttar Pradesh, but being part of NCR, these cities has an edge in development programs offered by central governments. Faridabad is industrial capital of Hariyana and known for no of factories resident at Faridabad. River Yamuna at the eastern border of Faridabad adds beauty to the city. Since city is well connected with the National Capital, you can take car on rent in faridabad and enjoy long rides on Agra Delhi highway which passes from the middle of the city.

Places to visit: 

As Faridabad is the industrial capital of Hariyana, city gets a lot of attention from business travellers. Apart from business tours city has many other tourist attractions as well which will certainly give you a pleasant reason to visit this beautiful city. The best thing Faridabad offers you is its delicious cuisine. 100s of amazing restaurants would love to host you with amazingly tasty food. Besides this most visited tourist spot in Faridabad is obviously the banks of holy river Yamuna where you can enjoy peaceful boat rides. Almost every city of India has a royal legacy and even Faridabad is not an exception so you can have a visit to it’s for Raja Nahar Singh Fort. Faridabad has various temples as SaiMandir, IsconTemple etc. Faridabad has a Golf Course as well, and it organizes annual Golf tournaments and can be a great fun for you. It’s located at the Agra-Delhi Highway and cab service in Faridabad is available to take you there.

Things to do: First thing to do in Faridabad is to enjoy a long drive on Agra-Delhi highway in car and if you are not carrying your own, you can take cab on rent. Next thing is enjoy boating in River Yamuna and Camp Dhauj Lake. If you love old architecture, you have Raja Nahar Singh Fort. Evenings you can spend doing street shopping and nights will serve you delicious dinner. Faridabad is a lovely city which offers you numerous things to do to spend a chilled holiday. So people, pay a visit soon and don’t forget to usecar booking service in Faridabad.

Popular Tourist places:

·        Raja Nahar Singh Fort

·        Sai Baba  Temple

·        Iskon Temple

·        Baba Farid’s Tomb

·        SurajKund

·        Camp Dhauj Lake

·        Yamuna River Bank

Popular destinations:

·        Aravali Golf Course

·        Le Mokshh Restaurant

·        Synk Lounge

·        Brew n Barrel