Overview:Gaziabad is famous as the Gateway of Uttar Pradesh being it near Delhi. The city is part of the state of Uttar Pradesh however it belongs of National Capital Region (NCR). City based beside the River Hindon carries industrial and educational importance along with a powerful political region. On one end where Gaziabad has proofs of having a well-developed civilization even in 2500 BC, it also has hosted biggest wars of Indian History like Muhammad Bin Tughluq and famous Anglo-Maratha war. The place is even mentioned in the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana. Gaziabad has also significance in modern history of the country (Freedom Movement). City is also famous for its Steel Manufacturing Units and Real Estate Hubs. Along with all its historical legacies, city also offers a great tourism oriented atmosphere. City is well-connected with other parts of the state and country through rail and road. Rental car services are also available to travel within the city.

As the city shares its border with the National Capital Delhi, it is a planned city. Industrial growth is at height, Mall and shopping culture has found a pace within the city. City has also developed itself as a popular tourist spot. There are various towns of Gaziabad like Ajrara, Faridnagar, Dhaulana, Jalalabad, Loni and Modinagar which deserve your one visit. It has the potential to make your holiday trip an exciting one. You can rent a cab and enjoy the experience of amazing wildlife sanctuary.The famous hill station Mussoorie is also not very far from Gaziabad however in nearer places you have Garhmukteshwar Temple, Meerakireti, Nahush Koop, Ganga Temple where you can have a spiritual and peace providing journey. Gaziabas also has world’s largest thermal power project in Dadri. SaiUpvan presents a scenic monastery in front of its tourists which is another tourist attraction available within the 20 KMs range of the city. You can hire cabs on rent to visit all the places.

Gaziabad is located at the bank of river Hindon, hence it is a perfect place to spend evenings of your holiday trip boating. You can use its wild life sanctuary for your perfect road trip. Gaziabad’s every town has something or the other to offer you to do. It has historical temples, various historically important destinations, war places where glory of the respective era resides. Gaziabad is perfect place to get you introduce with your glorious past.

  • MeerabaikiReti
  • Garhmukteshwar
  • Ganga Temple
  • Masuri
  • Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Nahush Koop
  • Thakurdwara Temple
  • Ajrara
  • Dhaulana
  • Faridnagar
  • Loni
  • Jalalabad
  • Modi Nagar
  • Mohan Nagar
  • city