Gorakhpur Cab Services


Gorakhpur is an important of Uttar Pradesh which is named on famous saint GorakshNath. City has witnessed various significant incidents of ancient, medieval and modern history of India. Lord Gautam Buddha and Mahavir were also associated with Gorakhpur. The city was also work place of famous poet Kabirdas. He wrote his most of the poems in Maghar which is in Gorakhpur. Gorakhpur has great significance even in India’s freedom movement. The famous ‘ChauriChaura’ incident happened in Gorakhpur which was definitely a historic move by few revolutionists of Freedom Movement. This is the same place where great freedom fighter Ram Prasad Bismil was hanged by Britishers for Kakori Robbery case. The city is located at the bank of River Rapti and is known for its wonderful tourism destinations. The world famous publication Gita press which publishes all the religious books of Hinduism is in Gorakhpur itself. City is also modernizing in education, infrastructure and transportation. If you are on a trip to Gorakhpur car rental service is always available for you to have a great sight visit.

Places to visit: 

Gorakhpur had a significant role in flourishing Aryan Culture in India and it flows in the nerves of ancient India. It has many amazing tourism spots where you as a tourist must visit at least once in life time. The most visited place of Gorakhpur is Gorakhnath Temple. Every one of us has must have heard and read Kabir Das, and when you visit Gorakhpur go to Maghar village. This was the place where Kabir Das lived during most important years of his life. In Gorakhpur you will also get to see ArogyaMandir, it’s a therapeutic temple which is known for its ayurvedik therapies for body and mind. If you are in Gorakhpur, you can’t afford leaving Geeta press unvisited. Next you just need to hire cabs in Gorakhpur and its Kushmi Forest can make your trip amazingly adventurous. If you love boating, Gorakhpur has an eighteen kilometers wide spread lake which can make your evening mesmerizing. Veer Bahadur Singh Planetarium is well technically equipped to take you to a wonderful imaginary ride among stars. Do not forget to ShaheedSmarak of Chauri-Chaura and Doharia whenever you visit Gorakhpur. For hassle-free rides during trip to this city you can use taxi service Gorakhpur online as well.

Things to do: 

In this city there is a lot to do for visitors. You can use car rental Gorakhpur services and have a road trip towards forests and lakes of Gorakhpur. Lake also offers you boating as well. Geeta press give you a chance to get yourself introduce with the largest publication of Hindu religious books. If you have time, you can even join the sessions of its ArogyaMandir. Visit its villages, see its temple architecture and give homage to great freedom fighters of our country in Chauri-Chaura and Dohariashaheedsmarak.

Popular places to visit:

·        Chauri-ChauraShaheedSmarak

·        DohariaShaheedSmarak

·        Gorakhnath Temple

·        Vishnu Temple

·        GeetaVatika

·        ArogyaMandir

·        Geeta Press

·        Imambara

·        RamgarhTaal

·        Veer Bahadur Singh Planetarium

·        Kushmi Forest

Popular Destinations:

·        Maghar

·        Azamgarh

·        Chauri-chaura

·        Doharia

·        Faizabad

·        Kushinagar