Hyderabad to Srisailam Cab Service


Srisailam is reputed to be one of the most ancient kshetras in India. It is on the right side of the River Krishna in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the banks of River Krishna in Nallamala Hills and finds mention in the Puranas and the epic Mahabharata.  Srisailam hills are very pleasant in scenic attractions with amazing wildlife. Sirsailam is a must visit if you are looking for a vacation which is peaceful, quiet and where the calmness can refresh your senses. The town attracts hordes of tourists throughout the year in the name of pilgrimage.

Srisailam is located at a distance of 216 Kms from Hyderabad and large number of people travel from Hyderabad to Srisailam for spiritual and leisure purposes.  Reliable Cars offers you a splendid Hyderabad to Srisailam taxi service at best prices.

Places to visit and things to do in Srisailam

Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple:
  Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has a great historical and religious significance and it is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and also one of the 18 Sakti Peethas. The sanctum is a shell like structure that enshrines Lord Mallikarjuna.

Bhramaramba Devi Temple:  A sacred site for ardent devotees of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Shakti. The Bhramaramba Devi Temple lies in the vicinity of Mallikarjuna Swami Temple and is highly revered for being a Siddhi Ksehtra. It is situated on the southern bank of River Krishna, on the Nallamala hills, at a height of 457 metres, above sea level.

Srisailam Dam:  Srisailam Temple, Srisailam Dam is constructed across Krishna River on the border of Mahabubnagar District, Telangana. It is one of the largest dams in India and the 3rd largest hydroelectric project in India. Srisailam Dam is among the prime places to visit in Srisailam, situated on Hyderabad to Srisailam route.

Srisailam Sanctuary:  One of the largest Tiger Reserves in the country and is a home to different animals like palm civet, jungle cat, leopard, deer, sloth bear, tiger, bonnet macaque, hyena and pangolin.

Patala Ganga:  Pathala Ganga is the sacred place in the backwaters of River Krishna, devotees can have a holy dip in the river Krishna. One can also try the enjoyable ropeway car ride and look down at the majestic river and lush green beauty all around.

Sakshi Ganapati Temple:  Sakshi Ganapati Temple, situated between Srisailam Temple and Srisailam Dam, is one of the sacred spots frequented by pilgrims. The traditional belief is that the Ganapati in this temple keeps regular account of all the pilgrims to tender Sakshyam (evidence) of their visit to this Kshetram and so named as Sakshi Ganapati.

Hemareddy Mallamma Temple:  The Hemareddy Mallamma Temple is located on the western side of the Mallikarjuna Temple, about half kilometre away. With intriguing stories and legends, the temple is a fascinating experience offered by Srisailam.

Akkamahadevi Caves:  During the 12th century, the cave was named after Akka Mahadevi, the renowned philosopher, ascetic and lyricist, who hailed from Karnataka. This is a huge cave like natural rock shelter which can accommodate nearly 500 persons comfortably. To reach these caves, tourists need to avail the option of motor boats that are arranged by the Tourism Department of Andhra Pradesh.

Shikareswara Temple:  The Shikareswara Swamy Temple is situated in Sikharam, the highest point of Srisailam. Sikhareswara Swamy, is one of the forms of Lord Shiva, and is believed to possess the power to free his devotees from their sins. The temple offers good view of the town and Krishna River.

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