Overview:Tapasyabhoomi Jabalpur, named after sage Jabali, is considered as the Sanskardhani which means cultural capital of Madhyapradesh. Ashokan relics have been found here. During the rule of Tripura Kingdom it was their capital. As Kalachuri and Gond dynasties ruled at Jabalpur which was followed by Mughals and Marathas, it got immense opportunities of re-establishment and development. Subhash Chandra Bose was elected as congress president in 1939s Tripura congress session here which signifies it even in modern history of India. The city is located at rocky and barren plains of the bank of River Narmada, which even provides the scenic beauty to the city.Series of fountains and lakes which are bordered at the city add much splendor to it. City is also among one of the most developed and known cities of India and it has all facilities available to accommodate its tourists. To stay reasonable hotels and to travel cab booking in Jabalpur is easily available.

Nature has decorated the cityby its own hand. Banks of River Narmada, Lakes, Waterfalls and Parks make it a visual wonder. While traveling on its roads, city offersyouthe scenic majesty and aesthetic pleasure.Worldly knownDhuandharfalls in Bhedaghat will not fail tomesmerize you. Narmada with its Ghats such as Tilwara,Lamheta and Kosam has charisma to attract you towards it to spend a solely beautiful evening.Chounsath Yogini,an ancient temple, reveals not only the cultural legacy of primitive India but also an excellent piece of temple architecture before you.Dumna Nature Reserve Park is a must visit spot for you if you love bird watching. Other worth visiting destinations in Jabalpur areHanumantalBada Jain Mandir,MadanMahal,Rani Durgawati Museum,Kachnar city and Bargi Dam. To get you explore the whole city, you just need to use available car rental services in Jabalpur and you are all set to experience a divinely holiday.

Jabalpur has many things to offer you during your trip.A paid cab is ample to take you for all the desired venues of zest.Motor boating can be enjoyed from Panchwati to Bhedaghat. Magnanimous views of waterfalls are available through ropeway.Through MadanMahal and Chounsath Yogini Temple one can peep into the ancient architectural glory of India.At Sea World Water Park several water games can serve you with amusement.Swimming and picnic can be relished at JilheriGhat. Jabalpur is even famous for its road side food culture. The divine taste of Jabalpuria KhoyekiJalebi is nothing less than a taste wonder.Do not miss out brass ware items,crafts of jute and silver, rattling Jardozi embroidery along with Chanderi and Maheshwarisarees, which are exclusively available in Jabalpur.Antique items made of marble stones are available in plenty in the bazaars of Jabalpur.Thus a wide array of shopping areas is provided to you by the city which is easy to visit if you have car hire in Jabalpur which is not at all hard to find.

  • Dhuandhar Falls
  • Chaunsath Yogini Temple
  • MadanMahal
  • Dumna Nature Reserve Park
  • Rani Durgawati Museum
  • Balancing Rocks
  • TilwaraGhat
  • Bargi Dam
  • Sea World Water Park
  • Bhedaghat
  • SangramSagar Lake
  • GurudwaraGwari
  • Lamheta
  • Jilheri
  • Kachnar City
  • Panchwati
  • Gwari
  • Kosam
  • city