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Pushkar city in Rajasthan is a holy place for Hindus that has around 500 astonishing temples. Pushkar is an ancient city, it is located on the bank of Pushkar lake. The word Pushkar is derived from Sanskrit which means blue lotus flower. The most important of them is the one dedicated to Lord Brahma. Pushkar is often called tirtha-raj, which literally means the king of pilgrim sites, Pushkar is also famous for the Pushkar Lake, which has 52 ghats. Pushkar is among the five sacred dhams that are revered pilgrimage centres. Devotees from across the country visit the lake to take a dip in its holy water.  Pushkar had always been a place of great strategic importance. This place had also been a favorite residence of the great Mughal. It was one of the few places in Rajasthan which was directly under the control of British Government.  The beautiful architectural heritage and its interesting history make Pushkar a must-visit place in India.

Place to Visit in Pushkar:

Pushkar Lake:  Pushkar Lake is considered as a one of the most sacred lakes of India. This lake is surrounded by fifty bathing ghats, 500 big and small temples. Thousands of pilgrims believe that bathing in the waters of the lake on Kartik Poornima will nullify sins and cure all skin diseases.  A fair called Pushkar Fair is also held near this lake, every year. The place is unique and the sunrise and sunset are beautiful to watch from here.
Brahma Temple: The famous Brahma Temple, here, is one of the very few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma in the country. Brahma Temple is situated on the banks of the Pushkar Lake and is considered to have a special position in the Hindu Pantheons. This temple was buit in the 14th century, it comprises a raised platform, red spire, stone slabs, marble floors and an image of ‘hans’ or swan, Lord Brahma’s vehicle. The scared place is visited by devotees throughout the year. 
Savitri Temple:  Savitri Temple is situated on the Ratnagiri Hills, this temple is dedicated to Godess Savitri, Lord Brahma’s consort. Pushkar is surrounded by many hills, the one in the southwest houses the Savitri Temple. A half an hour trek would lead you to this beautiful temple where you will get a beautiful scenic view of the city. According to the legends the presence od Savitri was required in a ‘yagna’ that was done by Lord Brahma but she could not reach in time.  Then Lord Bramha decided to perform the pooja with the local girl named Gayatri, then she became the second wife of Lord Bramha. Savitri became furious at this and cursed him that he will only be worshipped once a year and only in Pushkar.

Varah Temple:  This temple is dedicated to Varah, Lord Vishnus incarnation in the form of wild boar. Varah Temple was built by King Anaji Chauhan in the 12th century. It is also one of the oldest temples around Rajasthan, as is evident by its architecture and current state. The temple was destroyed by Emperor Aurangazeb but in 1727, then reconstructed by Raja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur.

Man Mahal: Man Mahal is the biggest Royal residency in Pushkar, originally built by Raja Man Singh of Amber, today this beautiful Mahal serves as the tourist banglow of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. The palace flaunts the uniqueness of Rajasthani style of architecture. This palace offers views of the surrounding temples and lake.

Reliable Car Service:

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