Kota Cab Services


Kota is one of most famous cities of Rajasthan which is situated at the bank of the Chambal River. Kota is famous all over India for its excellent coaching institutes for the preparation IIT Entrance Examination. City accommodates thousands of the new students who come to the city with the great aspirations and dreams of getting themselves admitted in the most reputed colleges of India for technical studies i.e. Indian Institute of Technology. Rajasthan is famous for its glorious culture and royalty and the same legacy even Kota carries. The city owns various beautiful architectures of old palaces and royal gardens. Cotton, Millet, Wheat, Coriander and Oil seedsare grown in large quantity in the city. Kota is also an industrial hub which has various Chemical, Engineering and Power plant industries. Famous Kota Stones are also found in Kota District. Kota is the 2nd best city to live in after Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Places to visit:

As Kota is located at the bank of Chambal River, which itself one of the most popular picnic spot of this city. Besides this, as Rajasthan is known for its royal legacy, you will get to see a lot of palaces constructed by old kings who ruled this place. Few famous ones are BrijrajBhawan Palace, Garh Palace, AbhedaMahal etc. City also has many Dams and lakes where you can have great picnic experiences. You can choose Kishore Sagar Lake and JawaharSagar Dam as your other picnic spots. Kota also has numerous beautiful Gardens like      Chambal Garden, Seven Wonders Park, Chatra Vilas Garden, Kota Zoological Park, Royal Cenotaphs at Kshar Bagh, Hanging Rock Fountain and Darrah National Park. These parks certainly deserve a visit if you are travelling to Kota. There is also SawanPhuhar Waterpark splashing loads of entertainment at you. There are several temples and Dargah as well in Kota which are worth visiting. As Cab in Kota are available online so you can take one and make you trip a pleasant one.

Things to do:

Kota offers a lot of things to do when you are in the city. Road Trip, visiting to various Gardens, Temples and Dargah should certainly be in your to do list. If you wish to see the excellent piece of architecture of Old days, visit its palaces. Then you can try boating in Chambal River and Lakes of Kota. Waterpark is also a place where you can spend your whole day. Kota is known for famous Masuria Malmal. Kota-Masuria Saris can be something you should certainly shop for. Rest Kota represents pure Rajasthan’s culture, get yourself introduced with it.

Popular places to visit:

·        Seven Wonders Park

·        Kota Zoological Park

·        Kishore Sagar Lake

·        MaharaoMadho Singh Museum

·        Kota Government Museum

·        BrijrajBhawan Palace

·        Garh Palace,

·        AbhedaMahal

·        Godavari Dham Temple

·        RangbariBalaji Temple

·        GaradiaMahadev Temple

·        AgamgarhGurudwara Sahib

·        SawanPhuhar Waterpark

·        Hanging Rock Fountain

·        Kota Barrage

·        JawaharSagar Dam

Popular Destinations:

·        Darrah National Park

·        Royal Cenotaphs at Kshar Bagh

·        Chatra Vilas Garden

·        Chambal Garden

·        Dadabari

·        Swami Vivekanand Nagar

·        Jawahar Nagar

·        Vigyan Nagar

·        Talwandi