The importance of Patna in the freedom struggle of India does not require an introduction. Patna is the land of ancient scholars and carrier of India’s intellectual magnificence. One of the major cities based in the eastern sector of India has also the legacy of being one of the most antique cities of India which used to be known as Patliputra. The city has served as the capital of one of the most glorified empire ofMagadha of Indian history. City, situated at the bank of river Ganga, is also known for the magnificent essence of Buddhist culture. This city has the huge credentials of nurturing and spreading Buddhism to all over the world. Pilgrimages like Vaishali, Nalanda, Bodhgaya, Pawapuri etc. are not very far from Patna. Using car rental in patnacan easily get you travel all these historically significant places.

River Ganga and the historical legacy of Magadha Empire have blessed Patna with various tourist destinations. No tourist can deny experiencing a boat ride at Gandhi Ghat of Ganga. It is mesmerizingly beautiful in the evenings of October to March. As Patna is also the birth place of 10th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Govind Singh, a marvelous Gurudvara has been built by Royal King Ranjit Singh. Golghar, near Gandhi Maidan,always gives a reason to tourists to employ their whole day at this amazing piece of architecture. If you are science lover, don’t forget to pay a visit to Indira Gandhi Planetarium. Patna’s art, culture, and architecture have a historical legacy. Another must see destinations of Patna are the Stupas of Ashokan period i.e., Kesariya Stupa, Japanese Peace Pagoda etc. Patna has the original markets of Madhubani Paintings which attracts a lot of tourists each year. Apart from all this, you are invited by this city to have a visit to places like Vaishali and Nalanda. All these tourist spots are well connected with the main city. Car on rent in patna for a wonderful trip to Patna will make it a lot pleasant.

When you are in Patna, you should certainly go for Boat ride at River Ganga. Apart from this, you can also have an architectural study of AshokanStupas. Visit its pilgrimages, shop at its markets and get yourself introduced with the amazing museums of Patna. You can also make yourself a participant of Patna’s famous Durga Puja celebrations. Hence whenever you make a plan to visit, take easily available cab service in patna and explore the wonders with the essence of its art and culture.

  • Golghar
  • Mahatma Gandhi Setu
  • HarMandirSaheb
  • Buddha Memorial Park
  • MahaveerMandir
  • Patna Museum
  • Indira Gandhi Planetarium
  • MaaPatneshwari
  • Stupas
  • Sitamarhi
  • LauriaNandargarh
  • Emporiums
  • Shri Krishna Science Center
  • Kumhrar
  • Nalanda
  • Vaishali
  • Mahatma Gandhi Setu
  • Gandhi Ghat
  • city