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Pune To Adlabs Imagica One Day Trip :

Pickup from Pune Airport or Railway station or City Location drive to Adlabs Imagica. Adlabs Imagica is a theme park which is situated in khopoli,India.They have different rides for different age groups. Guests can bump into the in-house characters of Tubbby – The Elephant, Roberto – The Star Chef, The Lost Astronaut, Mogambo of Mr. India fame and The Gingerbread Man while hopping from one ride to another.

Things To Do In Imagica : 

         Nitro The Nitro is a roller coaster, with a height of over 132 ft and track length of 2800 ft. The Nitro travels at 120kmph and visitors experience a G force rating of 3.8 Gs during the 150 seconds of this ride.

         Deep Space : This roller coaster ride is constructed inside a massive dome. The ride travels at 68.4 km/hr and reaches a maximum height of 57 feet (17.5 m)

         Gold Rush : The gold rush is a coaster ride. The coaster gets launched at an average speed of 65 km/hr

         Dare 2 Drop : Dare 2 Drop shoots riders up to a height of over 132 feet at 73kmph against gravity and drops down, at similar speeds. This motion gives the riders a sense of weightlessness for about a fraction of a second on the ride.

         Scream Machine : This ride operates on a rotating pendulum which first gathers momentum by spinning, and then slowly starts to swing. This machine rotates and goes up at an angle of 70 degrees and climbs to a height of 142 ft

         I for India : The ‘I for India’ is an indoor ride on a 90-foot wide screen. The journey spans across 6182 miles, covering 59 monuments.

         Mr. India : Mr. India is a ride based on the 1987 Bollywood film“Mr.India, starring Anil Kapoor. The ride in itself imitates the experience of other rides in the park like the Scream Machine, D2, Nitro, Salimgarh, Alibaba, and Rajasauras. The ride is operated by a pneumatic system powered by compressed air.

         Rajasaurus River Adventure  : The ride begins with a voice-guided boat tour of various dinosaurs inside a vast enclosure that is styled with pre historic elements.

         Salimgarh : A slow moving coaster navigates the visitors through the ride letting them experience the story of the fictitious town of Salimgarh through frightening visuals and scary sound effects.

         The Detective Bow Wow Show : This is a live interactive comedy show.

         Alibaba aur Chalis Chorr : This ride is designed to give the visitors a feeling of being inside a video game. The theme of the ride is inspired by the classic story- Alibaba and the 40 thieves.

       Wrath of the Gods : This is an indoor attraction that blends live mechanical theatrics, special effects and multimedia.

         Prince of the Dark Waters – Cinema 360 : This is a movie experience that is screened on a 360° dome, spread       across 3100 sq feet.

         Motion Box Theatre : Motion Box Theatre is a 4D cinema experience

         Mambo Chai Chama : Mambo Chai Chama, which means crazy tea party, is a classic tea-cup ride

         Splash Ahoy : This is pirate themed ride for the kids comprises many boats that are fitted with a water gun.

         Bump It Boats : This attraction is a water based version of the Bumping Cars.

         Save the Pirate : This is a kids’ ride based on the theme of pirates.

         Loch Ness Expplorers : This is a family ride themed around the mythical Loch Ness monster. It is a mini water     coaster ride.

         Happy Wheelss : Happy Wheelss - Driving School is an attraction dedicated to teaching children how to drive.

         Humpty’s Fall : Humptys Fall is a kids’ ride. It is a mini drop ride inspired by the D2.

         Wagon - O – O – Wheel : Wagon-O-O-Wheel is a mini Ferris wheel for kids.

         Tubbby Takes Off : Tubbby Takes Off is a merry- go- round ride for the kids, based on an original Imagica character Tubbby, the flying elephant

         The Magic Carousel : The classic Carousel at Imagica is imported from Italy in order to keep the authenticity of this vintage ride intact


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