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You can visit mahabaleshwar at any season. The best time to visit mahabaleshwar is from june to October, peak season is from august to September. It is 123 kms from pune, it is a poular tourist place in India and a town in satara district of Maharashtra.This pretty hill station is often referred as the queen of hill stations in Maharashtra. It offers panoramic view of the plains with the imposing sloppy peaks and surrounding woods. 

Mahabaleshwar attracts hordes of tourists for its lovely views, beautiful landscapes and pleasant temperatures. There are many tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar like forts, temples, lakes, and many more. Pratapgarh Fort, Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Krishnabai Temple, Lingamala Falls, Tapola, Panchgani are some important tourist spots in Mahabaleshwar. There are several viewpoints that are strategically located to capture the panoramic views created by the majestic Sahyadri Mountains and deep valleys. Arthurs Seat, Wilson Point, Kates Point, Elephant head Point, Connaught Peak and Bombay Point are popular viewpoints. Mahabaleshwar is famous for cultivation of strawberries and mulberries.

Elephant’s head point & Kate’s point

Kates Point and Elephants Head Point are the most picturesque viewpoints of Mahabaleshwar. It is among the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

Elephants Head Point or Needle Hole Point is another popular vantage point in Mahabaleshwar, situated next to the Kates Point. The overhanging cliffs of this point are similar to the head of an elephant and its trunk. Thus the point got its name as the Elephants Head Point.


Lingmala Waterfall

Lingmala Waterfall is located at top of the Venna Valley .It is formed by Venna River. There are two waterfalls, one mini waterfall and the main waterfall which falls from a height of 500 feet. One has to walk for 30 minutes to reach the viewpoint of main waterfall from the mini falls. There is no way to get into the water at main falls but visitor can get magnificent views of waterfall from the view point. 


Arthur Seat Point

Arthur Seat Point is the most popular viewpoint in Mahabaleshwar. It is surrounded by the deep Savitri gorge on one side and a lush green plateau on the other side. Popularly called as Queen of the Points, Arthur Seat Point has been named after Sir Arthur Mallet who was the first man to build a house at this point. Arthur Seat is the only point that clearly shows the geological contrast between the Konkan and the Deccan territories. 

Pratapgarh Fort

It is a large hill fort located in Satara district of Maharashtra. It is among most scenic places in Mahabaleshwar and one of the best forts near Pune. It is believed that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja was blessed with a shining sword at this temple.

Mahabaleshwar Mandir

Mahabaleshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the important pilgrimage sites for Hindus. The temple was built by Chandarao More in 16th century and is a model of the Hemadant architectural style of South India.

Krishnabai Temple

Krishnabai Temple is supposed to be source of the Krishna River. The temple was built in 1888 by a ruler of Ratnagiri on a hilltop overlooking the Krishna valley. The temple has a Shiva lingam and a beautiful statue of Goddess Krishna. A small stream of the river flowing from a cow-face (gomukh) falls in a Kund or water tank which is the source of might River Krishna. Stone carved columns and ceilings are the special characteristics of this temple. 

Kaas Plateau

Kaas Plateau, also known as the Kas Pathar, is a vast volcanic lateritic plateau situated in Satara district of Maharashtra. It falls under the Sahyadri Sub Cluster and is among the top places to visit near Satara. 

Popularly known as the Plateau of Flowers, Kaas Plateau is one of the famous tourist attractions in Maharashtra and also a popular picnic spot among nature lovers during late monsoons. The plateau is situated at an altitude of 1200 m and is approximately 1,000 hectares in area. The name Kaas originates from the Kaasa tree.

Vajrai Falls

Vajrai Falls is a picturesque waterfall located near Kas Flower Valley in Satara district of Maharashtra. This is one the most spectacular waterfalls in Maharashtra. Vajrai Falls is a three tier waterfalls cascading down from a height of around 853 feet (260 m). This is a perennial waterfall but is very spectacular during monsoons. People from different parts of Maharashtra flock to this falls during the monsoons to watch the beautiful flow of the stream.


Pratapgad fort Trek

Pratapgad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Situated close to the famous hill station of Mahabaleshwar in the district of Satara. There is a watchtower just beside the Mahadarwaza, or the main entrance, at the end of the motorable road. There is a Bhawani temple at the top of the fort, and a cultural library showcasing the heritage of the fort. There is a handicrafts centre en route to Pratapgad from the base village, which draws a lot of tourists.


Connaught Peak

The second highest peak in the hills is located on the old Mahabaleshwar road offering a winning view of the Venna lake & Krishna valley. The peak was renamed as Connaught after the Duke of Connaught found himself in complete awe and admiration of the area.


Morarji Castle

Yet another captivating sight in the town is the Morarji Castle is built in colonial British style of architecture. A drive around the place and you can view some of the most exotic colonial structures.


Helens Point

Helens point, also referred to as the Blue valley and is noted for its scenic beauty dotted by small huts, deep valleys and cascading waterfalls. Krishna river flowing through the heart of the area is the main attraction along with Robbers cave, Gavalani point and North Coat point.


Lodwick Point

Lodwick Point which lies 5 km to the west of Mahabaleshwar is a beauty to the eyes. This vantage point provides an unmatched view of Pratapgarh Fort and Elphinstone Point. There is a huge statue of Lord Lodwick situated on the site.


Koyna Valley Trek

The beautiful clear lake and the thick mysterious forests make Koyna valley the most sought after trekking destination of Maharashtra for weekend getaways and nature enthusiasts. With numerous peaks lining its edges and Indias largest hydroelectric dam at a stones throw, this valley becomes an undeniable favorite for adventure lovers.


Tigers Spring

The natural thermal spring near River Savitri, it is believed to be infused with spiritual powers. A 10 minute walk away from the Arthurs point, the shallow waters are ideal to experience and spend a solitary relaxing time amidst natures gift.


Bombay Point

Bombay Point is located alongside Mumbai-Goa highway, and offers enticing views of the sunset. Ideal for afternoon picnic spot, people flock here in groups or as couples to spend some relaxed and enjoyable time, fascinated by all that’s around.


Ride a Shikara Over the Beautiful Venna Lake

The Venna Lake at Mahabaleshwar is one stunning masterpiece of nature. Surrounded by lush hills and trees on all sides, this shimmering lake is dotted with colourful boats or ‘Shikaras’ and offers a memorable experience to visitors. One of the best things to do in Mahabaleshwar is to take a private boat tour on this silken water and enjoy the breathtaking views of the bordering hills from a unique perspective.


Thrill of Jungle Trekking in Tapola

Tapola is a rustic hamlet adorned by the beautiful Shivsagar Lake. Known for its pastoral beauty, Tapola makes up for a great spot for jungle trekking and nature walks, which is why it is frequented mostly by adventure seekers and nature huggers. Trekking and hiking in the forest here allow one to get up and close with an abundant range of flora, fauna, and avifauna. Other than jungle trekking, one can also enjoy few watersports in the quiet waters of the lake, like boating, water scooter rides, kayaking, and swimming, some of the best activities to do in Mahabaleshwar.


Mysterious Pratapgarh Fort

The Pratapgarh Fort is an important historical landmark near this hill town that marks the Maratha Empire’s struggle for Swaraj under Chhatrapati Shivaji’s command. A maze of elegant ponds, chambers, and dark, elongated walkways, Pratapgarh Fort is a delightful place for lovers of thrill and adventure.

Lingmala Falls

Trekkers, hikers, couples, nature lovers – it is the perfect spot for a rejuvenating dip in those cool cascading waters. Hike up this waterfall to experience pure ecstasy amid lush green surroundings.


Colourful Sunset at Wilson Point

The highest point in Mahabaleshwar, Wilson Point provides splendid views of the stunning hills and greenery all around. But more than the views of lush greens, this point is popular for its breathtakingly beautiful views of both the sunrise and the sunset.


Birdwatching at Babington Point

Babington Point is the favourite place of nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and birdwatchers in and near Mahabaleshwar. It’s tranquil environment, excellent weather, and a sprawling cover of lush greenery lure in various kinds of animals and birds. Which is why a visit to this paradise is an absolute must and among the most incredible Mahabaleshwar things to do for wildlife lovers.

Panchgani (Table Land)

Located at an altitude of 1,334 mts. Panchgani is a hill station in Maharashtra, known for its scenic views. Five hills form the Sahyadri mountain ranges offer Panchgani its name. The picturesque backdrop of hills on one side and coastal plains on the other makes for an amazing view. In the British era, the place was treated as a summer resort and hence many colonial period establishments can be seen here.


Dhom Dam

It is one of the largest civil engineering projects in India at that time and also the first dam to be built on Krishna River in Maharashtra. The main purpose of the construction of the Dhom dam was to ensure adequate water supply for industries in the region, for agricultural activities.


Parsi Point

Parsi Point is a scenic viewpoint situated on the way to Mahabaleshwar in Satara district of Maharashtra. It is one of the good points at Panchgani to get a picturesque view.


Sydney Point

Sydney Point is situated on a hill that faces Krishna Valley. It was named after Sir Sidney Beckwarth, Commander in Chief, who succeeded Sir John Malcolm as Bombays Governor in 1830.Sydney Point is famous for providing charming views of the Krishna Valley, Dhom Dam, Kamalgad Fort and the city of Wai.


Kamalgad Fort

The fort covers a flat area of nearly 3-4 acres and is surrounded by thick woods and steep rocks which have to be carefully scaled to reach its base. Earlier, the only way to reach this place was through an artificial tunnel, which is now blocked by a big rock. There are no buildings on the top or walls of any kind or even a gateway, which is unusual for a fort in this area. 

Devil’s Kitchen

According to mythology, this is the place where Pandavas of Mahabharata stayed here for a while during their exile. This place was used to cook their food. Some people claim that Pandvgadh Caves are also built by them and bear their name. The place is now a beautiful sightseeing spot which is popular among tourists.

City Shopping

In Mahabaleshwar, essentials include the freshest of strawberries and raspberries that the town is known for. Also take home jellies, honey, jams and more. One can also shop for handicrafts, leather items, Kolhapuri footwear and much more from the Town Bazaar.

Mapro Garden 

A unique venture that originated in Mahabaleshwar and is now a blooming brand all over India, Mapro Garden offers an enormous range of delicious food and drink items made out of various berries like mulberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. This enchanting land of strawberries provides the country with probably half its supply of strawberry and strawberry products.