Raipur Cab Services


Raipur city is the capital of Chhattisgarh state. The state was formed on November 1st 2000, which used to be part of Madhya Pradesh earlier. Raipur is one of the most developed city of India and with the name of Naya Raipur a new business hub is being developed by the state government. Raipur keeps an important place in the ancient history of India and is considered to be in to existence since 9th century. This also makes the city important for archeological studies as various dynasties like Khosla, Mauryan, Guptas,Kalchuri etc. have left various excellent archeological examples throughout the city. City is not just the industrial but also an educational hub which owns IIM, IIT, NIT and various famous Law and medical colleges. Raipur is also very famous for its steel industry. City has rich transportation within the city and from the city to other states and cities. Car rental services in Raipur are also available online if you want a hassle-free travel within the city.

Places to visit:

Raipur is a historical city hence you can find a lot of old forts which are archeologically excellent in the city. The New Raipur should be in you must visit list when you are in Raipur. It is the fourth planned city of India after Chandigarh, Haryana and Bhubaneswar. There are a lot of religious places where you can visit. Few of them are Rajim, which is 48 Kilometers from Raipur and has Rajivlochan Temple, Champaranya has ChampeshwarMahadev Temple, Sirpur has Laxman temple etc. There is also KevalyaDham in Raipur which is a collection of twenty six small and big Jain temples. Baranawapara and Seetanadi are wild life sanctuaries within the area of 100 kilometers from Raipur. Vivekanand has also stayed in this city during his teenage, and on his name there is also a Sarovar(Pond) which is a popular picnic spot. Kanha National Park, Achnakmar Wild Life Sanctuary, Chitrakot Falls, Gangrel and MurrumSilli dam also deserve in yours must visit list when you are in the capital city of Chhattisgarh. Come to city for atleast a week if you want to see it thoroughly and you can book cab service Raipur online for a pleasant travelling.

Things to do: 

You must go to Bhilai Steel plant which is one of the things Chhattisgarh is famous for. Live its wild life, go to see forts, temples. You can also have a picnic nears its dams and lakes. Raipur has few of India’s best shopping malls which you must see. As many tourist spots are at a drive of around 100 kilometers so you can take taxi service in Raipur and enjoy the Road trip which leads towards various wild life sanctuaries and picnic spots.

Popular places to visit:

·        KevalyaDham

·        MahantGhasidas Museum

·        SadaniDarbar

·        Kanha National Park

·        Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary

·        Amarkantak

·        Bhoramdeo temple

·        Laxman temple

·        Chitrakot Falls

·        Indravati national Park

·        Gangrel Dam

·        MurrumSilli Dam

Popular Destinations:

·        Amarkantak

·        Sirpur

·        Champaran

·        Rajim

·        Dhamdha

·        Bhilai

·        Girodhpuri

·        Arang

·        Barnawapara