Rajkot Cab Services


Rangilu Rajkot (Colorful Rajkot), is a city known for its multi-cultural and multi-lingual uniqueness which accommodates languages like Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, English, Sindhi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi. City is located at the bank of rivers Aji and Nyari which has preserved various forms of unique art and culture within itself. Current prime industrial center of Gujrat, Rajkot is one among the most significant cities of the state which has played a vital role in India’s freedom movement. City is the home of Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Currently Rajkot is famous for its jewelry markets. To reach Rajkot, you have all means of communication available i.e., Railway, Road and Air. To travel within the city, along with local transportation buses you have cab service in Rajkot is available.

Places to Visit:

As Rajkot is home of Mahatma Gandhi, his home over there is turned into a museum which has preserved many things related to Mahatma Gandhi’s life. You can get another museum worth visiting is Watson Museum which has a good collection of things of colonial era. Rajkot has been an important princely state of India since long time hence you can get to see many forts of European and Indian architectural styles. Apart from this, the river banks of Aji and Nyari can also be a great picnic spot whenever you are in Rajkot. Damdeveloped on RiverAji also deserves your visit and will not fail to give you a quality time spent. Rajkot has many other picnic spots in which most famous ones are LalPari Lake and Randerda and can be visited by taking any car hire service in Rajkot. If you are on a family trip and a child is travelling with you, don’t forget to take him/her to the Rotary Dolls Museum which showcases a unique collection of 1400 dolls from all over the world.


Things to do: 

Being a famous jewelry market, you must visit its market. Rajkot’s river banks offer you a peaceful evening to spend at. You can enjoy boating, and spend time watching the exquisiteness of glorious sun set view at river bank. You can get yourself introduced with the pre-independent history of our country at its museum which also gives you a glimpse of colonial era. Taking a cab service in Rajkot and move towards any of its picnic spots will be proved a joyful day for you and your family if you are carrying on this holiday trip. As we are talking about a city of Gujrat which is famous for its Dandiya and Garba, try to visit it during Navratri to witness the site of most colorful people celebrating Garba Nights on most beautiful GujratiDandiya songs. You can also be part it. To stay reasonable hotel rooms and to travel Rajkot car hire services are easily available at one click.


Popular Tourist Spots:

·        Kaba Gandhi No Delo

·        Watson Museum

·        Rotary Dolls Museum

·        Lang Library

·        Manidweep Temple

·        Swaminarayan Temple

·        Aji River Dam

·        Nyari River

·        LalPari Lake and Randerda


Popular Destinations:

·        Wankaner

·        Morvi

·        Rajkumar College

·        RashtriyShala

·        MadhavraoSindhia Cricket Ground

·        Connaught House

·        Ramkrishna Ashram

·        Race Course