Solapur Cab Services


Solapur is one of most popular city and district of Maharashtra which is known for its great historical importance and well growing industries. Solapur has maximum number of Sugar Mills in India. Lots of ‘Beedi’ workers work in Solapur. The city is also one of the leading centers for Cotton Mills and Power looms. Solapur sheets have a big name in all over India and also at many global locations. The city is located in Maharashtra near the border of Karnataka which is the reason lot of people also speak Kannada apart from Marathi language. Solapur earlier used to be part of Ahmadnagar. Solapur was established by uniting sixteen villages and that is how it got the name ‘Solapur’. You can reach Solapur by bus or train and to visit within the city, cabs in Solapur are easily available online.

Places to visit:

Solapur’sPandharpur is a holy piligimage for Varkari community and it still carries a legacy of organizing the historic ‘PalkiYatra’ every year. Lakhs of Varkari followers are continuing this tradition since more than 400 years. River Chandrabhaga flows within Solapur. Other tourism destinations are Temple Siddheshwar and Temple RupaBhawani. Solapur also has Science museum which is one of the most famous Science centers of the state. Pune is also not very far from Solapur and if you are visiting to Solapur from outside Maharashtra definitely plan a visit to Pune as well. It’s a beautiful city to spend quality time. River Chandrabhaga is also an amazing tourist spot for visitors of Solapur where you must try boating. Akkalkot Swami Maharaj Temple is very famous destination of Solapur to visit which was built in the memory of Swami Samarth Maharaj.It’s architecture is matchless. Solapur also has one of the biggest bird sanctuaries of India, Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary.

Things to do:

When you visit to Solapur, plan to have a road trip from Solapur to pune. Within Solapur you can spend your evening at the bank of River Chandrabhaga. The famous ‘Palki of Pandharpur’ is something you must witness once if life. It holds a name in the gunnies book of world records for a wonderful coordination among ‘Palki bearers’. Visit its temples; see its villages and you will find yourself much closer to the cultural mixture of Maharashtra and Karnataka.And yes, do not miss to see its Great Indian Bustard Bird Sanctuary. Take Car Rental service in Solapur and explore the city.

Popular Places to visit:

·        Pandharpur Temple

·        Siddheshwar Temple

·        Great Indian Bastard Sanctuary

·        Solapur Fort

·        Akkalkot Swami Maharaj Temple

·        RupaBhawani Temple

·        River Chandrabhaga

Popular Destinations:

·        Pandharpur

·        Akkalkot

·        Aadilpur

·        Ahmedpur

·        Chapaldev

·        Fatehpur

·        Jamdarwadi

·        Kalajapur

·        Khadarpur

·        Khandervkiwadi

·        Muhammadpur

·        Ranapur

·        Sandalpur

·        Shaikpur

·        Sonallagi

·        Sonapur

·        Vaidakwadi