Overview: Located at the bank of Vishwamitri River, Vadodara is the cultural capital ofGujrat. Vadodara is also known as Baroda and it is among top three cities of Gujrat with Ahmadabad and Gandhinagar. Gujrat is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit and the essence of the same spirit in Vadodara is scattered everywhere. Vadodara’s art, culture, dance, music and cuisine have a rich legacy. City is famous for its heavy industries as Indian Oil Corporation, Indian Petrochemical Corporation, Reliance industries, Gujrat Refinery etc. Being the cultural capital of Gujrat, Vadodara celebrates all traditional festivals in a unique way. The organization of DandiyaRaas during DurgaPooja is exceptionally amazing and it gathers a huge crowd in the state during Navratra. Apart from rich culture, city has given much required attention to Art and Literature as well which has become the identity of the city now.

Vadodara’s beauty dwells in its tourist destinations. The city has so much to offer you that it may take you 3-4 days to explore just this one city of Gujrat. Its vibrant history of Art and Architecture has given it amazing trinkets within the city for its tourists. Vadodara has various marvelous temples presenting the extraordinary example of its unique architecture like EME Temple, Sun Temple and Nyaya Temple. Various historical palaces get you to know about the royal legacy of the city. You must have heard of Champaner in movie Lagan, that Champaner is part of Vadodara which has the charm to give you a reason to visit Vadodara. Arobindo Ashram is a must visit place whenever you are in Vadodara. General public transportation of Vadodara is solid still if you are on a holiday trip you won’t prefer wasting your time just sitting in air conditioned bus stands to wait for bus. So you have car rental in service in Vadodara available at one click.

People say, in your lifetime at least one Navratri you should celebrate in Gujrat and being the cultural capital of Gujrat, Vadodara is the ideal place to give you real touch of GujratiNavratri. So you can enjoy Garba and Dandiya nights in Vadodara. Apart from this you can spent some peaceful time in its Arobindo Ashram and near lake. You can usecab service in Vadodara for road trips and trust me this place will be proved a fantastic one. Spend your days in Champaner and other beautifully constructed palaces of Vadodara. Car on rent in Vadodara will love to make your trip a pleasant one. If you are crafts lover, Vadodara can be a paradise for you. So in coming Navratri, Visit Vadodara, live Gujrat and fill all your bags with shopping of handcrafts.

  • AjwaNimeta Dam and Gardens
  • Laxmi Vilas Palace
  • EME Temple
  • Nazarbaug Palace
  • KeertiStambh
  • SayajiBaug
  • KadiDunger Caves
  • Nyaya Temple
  • Pavagarh Archeological Park
  • Sun Temple
  • Chhota Udaipur
  • Champaner
  • Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery
  • KhandeRav Market
  • Pavagarh
  • city