Overview: Vishakhapatnam is one of India’s oldest cities in state of Andhra Pradesh. Currently known as Vizag, the same city used to be known as Kalinga in Emperor Ashoka’s era. Since then it continuously carried the legacy of royal dynasties which include Chalukyas, Pallavas, Rashtrakutas and Cholas. These dynasties were an era of magnificent architecture and culture lived in Indian history. Vishakhapatnam has the temple and palace architecture of different styles of Kalinga and Bauddhrock cut architecture which takes the tourism of Vishakhapatnam at heights. Various Baudddh heritages in Vishakhapatnam tell the stories of flourishingBuddhism. History resides in this city and if you love to get yourself introduced with ancient India, Vishakhapatnam is the end of your search.

Placed in the coast of the Bay of Bengal, this city has India’s oldest and only natural ship-yard which is one of the prime locations for country’s trading through oceans. Current Vizag has developed itself as an IT city along with heavy industries. Vishakhapatnam is perfect place for industries, tourism, industrial minerals, fishing and information technology. To travel in the city for any business trip or holiday trip, cab services in Visakhapatnam are very well developed and managed to provide a seamless service. Hotels for a pleasant stay are also available at reasonable rates.

As Vishakhapatnam is located at the coast of Bay of Bengal, it has multiple beaches for your pleasant days of holiday trips. The spectacular sun rise and sun set of Tenneti Beach Park gives you a glorious place to have a family or individual visit. Besides this, Ramkrishna Beach, Gangavaram and Yarada Beach are also offering you a peaceful hosting in Vizag. The specialty of Vishakhapatnam is its port as best tourism spots. Vizag also has many Bauddh heritages which include Bavikonda, Thotlakonda, BojjanaKonda etc. and these certainly asks for your visit once. Submarine “Kursura” and Naval Museum present a glorious history of Indian submarine. Vishakhapatnam also offers you an adventurous road trip to its various hills, valleys and sanctuary. For a wonderful experience of these places, don’t forget to use car rental services in Visakhapatnam as few tourist places are close to one another and few are far. Car hire in Visakhapatnam will give you the independence to spend how much time you want to, at one place.

You can use car rentals in Visakhapatnam and go on long road trips. Hills offer you trekking and beaches invite you for scenic beauty of ocean till its horizon. Submarine and ship-yards are wonderful to spend a day with where you can even try fishing. For the eyes who understand the architectural excellence, various Buddhist heritages and south Indian temple architecture will be the perfect destination. However even other tourists can visit these places and get themselves thrilled with glorifying piece of rock structure.

  • BojjanaKonda
  • Simhachalam
  • Gangavaram
  • Thotlakonda
  • Bavikonda
  • Sankaram
  • Tenneti Beach Park
  • Matsyadarshini Aquarium
  • Kailasagiri
  • Yarada beach
  • Ramakrishna Beach

  • War Memorial
  • Ross Hill
  • Submarine- Kursura
  • Naval Museum
  • Kambalakonda Sanctuary
  • Port of Visakhapatnam
  • Bhimili
  • Araku Valley